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Critical thinking and leadership development through the sport of fencing.

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Mrs. Lenore Tauber's comments:
In a letter to his future bride, the poet Robert Browning wrote "come, grow old along with me.....the best is yet to be.......How true this is for the Coach and me. We have had an outstanding decade. During the past ten years New York University inducted Art into their Athletic Hall of Fame for his prowess as a fencer on their team. The United states Army finally sent the Coach the medals he earned during his years of service to his country during World War Two. We became loving great-grand-parents to an even dozen babies (and counting). We celebrated many birthdays and anniversaries (our 66th is coming up in nine days ). And here we are in this moment of time, bring his adoring children and grand children and his Yeshiva boys together during this tribute to him.

We will leave this wonderful occasion with full hearts and gratitude for what was done here tonight.

The love and admiration shown to the Coach was overwhelming and I thank you all for that. Now my problem becomes "how can I ask him to take the garbage out tomorrow?

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Dr. Arthur Tauber, center, wearing his special protective sleeve and padded vest, weighs in during a practice bout in the old gym in the basement of the main building of Yeshiva University to clarify a defensive technique and to help an emerging "Tauberman" make the most of the learning moment .
If anyone is able to identify the fencers in the above photograph, please contact us.