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Yeshiva College Fencing 1979
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Yeshiva College Fencing 1979

The Year in Review

1979 Team Rcord
1979 Team Members
(Black field indicates Team Captain)
David M. Katzenstein Saul Skolnick Howard Rosenthal
Jacob Z. Stromer Marvin Huberman Baruch Deutch
Ari Jacobs Aaron Nassan Howard Irwin Winter
Stuart Alan Wienerman Ben W. Kisschenbaum Ben Louis Kurtzer
Jay Zauderer Marty Ast David A. Bart
Steven L. Passer Ira Lawrence Herman Ira D. Tokayer
Steven Z. Mostofsky Mark I. Taragin Mark Steven Weintraub
Ira Herman Mark Taragin .
Individual Records


Adley Mandel, Yeshiva College Fencing Team 1968 Captain, poses for dramatic back lighted photograph for one of the 1968 school publications.
A Sabre bout in the old gym in the basement ofthe Main Building, circa 1979.
If anyone is able to identify the fencers or the director in the above photograph, please contact us.