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Critical thinking and leadership development through the sport of fencing.

Tribute to Coach Tauber by Nachum Chernofsky class of 1972
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Dear Coach,

During my entire 4 year career as one of your fencers, I was simply "Red" to you. I doubt you will recognize me since most of my red hair has turned gray. If I have to sum up my four year stay at YU, aside from the Torah learning that I was fortunate to accomplish the one year I had Rabbi Kanotopsky, z"l, the only real lasting memory was the grueling schedule you put us through. In my freshman year, I did not dorm. But that did not stop me from spending 2 nights a week until 11PM in our "gym", going through the balestra lunges and parry – reposts. What an amazing feat you and coach Lorand accomplished, getting someone as unathletic as I was (and still am not) to exercise (only to be surpassed by the Israeli army which got me to a personal record of 10 pushups) and feel good about himself. In my junior year, I asked the then captain, Larry Rosman, to define for me a "good fencer". He told me that a good fencer was one who could always fall back on one move that would win him the point. I was never that fencer. My worst nightmare was the 7 foot opponent I faced who hit me on the top of the mask 5 straight times! I could not catch his epee for the life of me. 5-0! My best moment was the last match of my mono-shortened career. After going to the doctor that morning for a terrible earache, I was given a supply of painkillers. That night, I won three matches, putting my career mark at 24-23. The next morning, I was notified that I had mononucleosis.

I would like to join my teammates throughout the generations in thanking you for everything that you did for us collectively and individually, as well as what you did for Jewish and YU pride. The Taubermen were always known as the winningest team in YU history and it was most definitely due to you more than to any of us.

Fencing was a family tradition. I would like to mention the rest of my Israeli family members who fenced and wish you well – my cousin, Heshie Zigelman, my brother, Phil Chernofsky, and my cousin, Michael A. Chernofsky. In addition, there are my two U.S. cousins, Alan and Michael Schoffman.

May Hashem grant you many more years of good health and happiness, nachat from your family and from all of your students.
Warmest personal greetings,

Nachum Chernofsky, 1972


Dr. Arthur Tauber, center, wearing his special protective sleeve and padded vest, pauses to have a group portrait photo taken with "Taubermen" Nachum Chernofsky (left), Epee fencer, and Saberman Martin Kknecht (right) in the basement gym of the Main Building of Yeshiva University. Circa 1972.
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