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Critical thinking and leadership development through the sport of fencing.

Tribute to Coach Tauber by Herb Krantmanclass of 1970
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We would like to send our best wishes to "The Coach" and his family. I hope everyone is in good health and will enjoy seeing old friends and reminiscing. On a very personal level I would like to thank Coach Tauber for his tutoring and friendship for those four years I was a part of the fencing experience at YU. I enjoyed every minute of it. It was a great release after a long hard day of studies and was a good way to stay physically active.

I also owe The Coach a thank you for nominating me for the athlete scholar award I "received" at graduation. He probably wonders why I never mentioned it to him. The truth is I never received it and only found out about it when I moved into my home in Israel. My wife, Rochelle, and I graduated together in 1970. I from YC and she from Stern College. She was pregnant at the time with our first child and was on strict bed rest; consequently we did not attend the graduation ceremony. NOONE ever told me I received the scholar athlete award, and I only found out about it when unpacking boxes in our home in Rehovot in 1994. I came across the graduation proceedings and read thru the program and awards section. Needless to say, I was very surprised. Though I did write to Dr. Lamm about it, I did not contact Coach Tauber. So, please thank him for me and give him my warmest regards along with those of my wife.

As Phil Chernofsky mentioned to me at the recent YU in Israel program at the Renaissance, being on the fencing team was the closest thing to a fraternity at YU. Close friendships were formed and similar to the musketeers of old whom we often tried to emulate it was; one for all and all for one. The big "ONE" of course was the coach. So have a great time at the reunion, we will be thinking of you all!

L' hitraot b'aretz,
Herb Krantman, Class of 1970, co-captain of the fencing team 69-70.


An invitation, perhaps a blatant invitation, is offered during a Sabre bout at a Yeshiva College Fencing Team home match held in the old gym in the basement of the Main Building, circa 1968.
If anyone is able to identify the fencers in the above photograph, please contact us.