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Critical thinking and leadership development through the sport of fencing.

Yeshiva College Fencing 1950
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Yeshiva College Fencing 1950 
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1950Team Members
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Paul Ritterband
Wolf Helmreich

Michael Rock

Stanley Z. Siegel
N. Toporovsky M. Epstein
W. Millen S. Feder N. Schulman
O. Schontal F. Klein J. Reiner
H. Panitch A Wales M. Korn
I. Klein S. April R. Hammer, Manager


Dr. Arthur Tauber, seated to the left of the scorer's desk and adjusting his yalmuka, during a home match in the old gym of the Main Building during the 1968 season. Note the Team Banner, "Tauber Power" on the wall behind the team, which we understand was made by Coach Tauber's daughter Valerie.
If anyone is able to identify the fencers in the above photograph or provide any details about the Team Banner, please contact us.